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Whether you're an individual or not looking for an exciting opportunity to get involved in the business of film, then MA Films has a great and easy route for you to invest in our films with a very high potential return. All are projects take careful consideration of the current market, appropriate topic and maximise our strengths in film making with a view to not only deliver a strong message in an entertaining way but also to make it a profitable one.

Our accountants who have several year of experience can guide you through with ease if you are looking to invest cash, EIS, SEIS or any form of investment in either a single film or a slate of our films. You can be highlighted or remain a low profile but with the confidence that a innovating and energetic film company with a long term strategy will be spear heading your funded film.

In addition to share of profits or ownership you can also benefit from:

* Attending shoot sets

* Press conference

* Red carpet premieres

* Closing parties

For an informal initial discussion contact us directly and we can set up a time to have a chat with our CEO Munsur Ali.