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shongram (struggle) - Releasing 2015
Munsur Ali's debut film as a writer / director / producer is about a daring reporter (Asia Argento) who interviews a Bangladeshi Londoner named 'Karim' (Anupam Kher) on his deathbed, who finally shares his account four decades later.

We are transported to 1971 where a young Karim and Asha fall in love in the most testing of times. This becomes a complicated relationship, as Karim is a Muslim boy and Asha is a Hindu girl - that is just one aspect which provides a rollercoaster journey for the two protagonists. Karim is soon forced to go underground and join a small band of freedom fighters. He must play his role for the cause before he can finally search for the love of his life.
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final message Neerus directed by Munsur Ali
cinema - In Pre-production
A younge actor enters the world of cinema, as he quickly rises he also finds a whole new world of exploitation, corruption, drugs, thugs and betrayal which he never knew he was going to be a part of.
The final message - In Pre-production
A super natural horror based around the Hebrew scriptures, Christrian scriptures and the Quran. An eye opening, thought provoking and visual film that has been on Munsur's mind for a decade and is expected to create shock the world!
neerus - tvc
Munsur was asked by Neerus Emporium to write and direct a high end TVC with Bollywood superstar Karishma Kapoor. The video was shared on Indian Prime TV and international platforms.