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We understand the challenges of film production and can facilitate, co-produce or invest in part or the whole of your film. Whether you're looking to film in the UK as an individual or company based abroad or in the UK talk to us to see how MA Films can be a true asset for your production.

Our services are designed with pure flexibility in film prdocution. This means we can provide specific support at an level of your production from facilitating your whole production, from planning to shooting and to edit and delivery. We can be engaged on your film from the outset or at any stage, even if shooting a specific scene. This is thanks to our in house studio with filming equipment, Avid post production and our own green screen studio. Our team is a rich collection of producers, production managers, technicians to legal and accounts experts.



Pre - Production




Post Production


With careful planning not only can we help you get the best for your money but also save you time. We can take care of all your pre production needs, with an assigned Producer or an assitant Producer to work with you taking care of:

* Location * Insurances * Legal * Crew * Cast * Permissions * Crew *Kits


We have a great list of filming equipment and facilities in our list that is ideal for todays digital film production market. While being able to take care of a selected portion of your film shoot or the whole film shoot, Our services include

* Film Equipment * Cast * Crew * Negotiations * Logistical Support * Office base


Our in house Avid Post Production and dubbing facilitiessuites are a low cost method of putting your film together. Our VFX technicians and Grading specialists to Encoding services means we can have your film finished at MA Films.

* Avid editing * VFX * Dubbing * Graphics * Soundmix * Grading * DCP






Submit a Script


Our 'Green Screen' studio is perfect for independent to choreographed arrangements and as it is all uneder one roof, we can arrange for the facilities to be made available day or night.

* Green Screen Studio * ChromA Key


MA Films are keen to hear from companies or individuals with a great gameplan, looking for a co-production partner. We are especially interested in hearing from established producers and film makers!

Contact us with an initial query.



Have a great script? We are always looking for thought provoking and eye opening film scripts.

But before you submit your script you need a pre approved email invitation and to get one is simple, send us a synopsis with your vision and if it captures our imagination then we will welcome your script.